The use of LED Lighting in Automotive Tail Lights

The use of the traditional incandescent light bulbs has gone down tremendously over the last century. This has been replaced by LED for both interior and exterior application. LED also known as Light Emitting Diodes are a form of transistor which consists of a substrate that emits lights whenever current is applied. Incandescent lights are more like analog technology, with LED lights being the digital alternative. LEDs can be placed in any location in any way possible and that is why it is widely used to create unique applications. The advantages of LED lights over incandescent lights are many, all of which are noteworthy.

LED lights were first used in tail lights way back in 1984 on that year’s model of the Corvette. It makes sense to use LED lights for tail lamps since it illuminates 0.2 seconds faster than incandescent lights, which eventually helps the driver driving right behind you. This will really come out to help especially on highways when vehicles travel at high speeds. LED lights can help prevent an accident in the case of a sudden stop.

The color exhibited by LED lights is also very beneficial to the driver. Unlike incandescent lights, LED lights emit more noticeable and vibrant color, which coupled with its quickness in being illuminated, helps drivers drive safe on any road. Some LEDs can even change colors. They are known as Red-Green-Blue (RGB) LEDs. RGB LEDs might either consist of three different LEDS in a single unit, one for each color i.e. red, green and blue or it can be a single LED which is coated with different substances that emit red, green and blue light whenever current is applied. Varying the voltage can help get these different colors. When Green, Red and Blue are mixed together at equal brightness, the human eye perceives it as white light, and all other combinations and mixes form other colors. The small size of LED lights even makes it possible to hide them in tight locations and prevent conventional lighting. Daytime running LEDs also help save a lot of power as the light emitted will be much lower than the automatic lights of your car.

Other advantages of LED lights include that they often last for the entire life of the vehicle, resistant to vibrations, light up faster than incandescent bulbs, can emit various colors and can also provide more light per watt that is supplied when compared to incandescent bulbs etc. These are some of the major advantages of LED lights, especially automotive LED tail lamp.

We at Hilux AutoElectric offer a wide range of LED lighting systems built best for your vehicle. With a large number of major companies serving as our clients, we are pushing towards making the most efficient and durable technologies possible. It is our goal to provide you with the best and safest option with regards to lighting and that has been the foundation of this company. LED lights are the future now and it can be safely said that the future shines bright.

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